Ways to get rid of butt acne

We all experience acne problems on our face in teenage years and take various treatments to get rid of this problem. But not all of aware of the fact, that acne can affect various other parts of our body. And acne problems can persist even as we grow old. One of the areas in the body where adults face acne problem is the buttocks area.



Butt acne or pimple formation in the buttocks area is medically termed as folliculitis. This condition is caused due to inflammation of the hair follicle. They look like several multiple white head pimples which are surrounded by redness on the skin around the affected area. Most of the times, butt acne gets cured on its own with time or by following some simple home remedies.


Acne is a root problem regardless of the location it occurs. Acne is caused by blocked follicle (organ which is responsible for the formation of hair). The human body is covered with thousands of follicles on different parts like the head, groin, arms, legs, chest and back. There is sebaceous gland placed close to every follicle which is in charge of secretion of sebum (a oily and waxy substance). A pimple is formed when the sebum which is extracted from the sebaceous gland blocks the follicle. In such a scenario the sebum is restricted from moving out in the normal pace and begins to create a blockage.

Mostly folliculitis is caused due to an infection of the hair follicle by bacteria, mainly Staphylococcus and at times the infection can also be caused by fungus, virus and skin irritants present in cosmetics, soaps and other perfumed products.


Some of the treatment options in situations of an outbreak of butt acne include;

  • Washing properly the affected area with an antibacterial soap at least twice a day
  • Applying wet and warm compresses on the affected area to provide some relief from the pain and itchiness . One can do this couple of times in the day, but it needs to be done only after washing hands
  • Make use of oat based creams daily to moisturize the skin after bath
  • Do not squeeze the pimples as this can make the situation worse by spreading the infection further and increasing the pimples. This will also leave scars and dark spots.
  • Avoid direct sunlight especially between 11 am and 4 pm as this can aggravate the acne infection. Use sunscreens that mention that it is non-comedogenic, since they are specially designed to avoid blockage of hair pores


The best ways to avoid butt acne is protecting the skin, avoiding use of irritants and preventing infections.

Some of the preventive measures are as follows;

  • To wash hands regularly and brush the nails thoroughly.
  • Bathe using antibacterial soap or gel and make sure to take a shower after working out since sweat can block the hair follicle increasing the risk of bacteria growth.
  • Avoid taking bath with very hot water as this can damage the skin and create dryness. Always bathe with warm water.
  • Exfoliate the skin with a clean washed cloth or a mild exfoliating cream.
  • Avoid sharing clothes or towels with others.
  • Always wear loose fitting clothes and cloth material made of natural fibre like linen, cotton etc. Synthetic fabric creates friction with the skin and can damage the skin. And one also sweats more in this type of fabric.
  • Avoid using perfumed beauty products, since the chemicals used in these products causes skin irritation. Always use hypoallergenic products.
  • Do not make use of bleach or perfumes soaps or powder to wash the clothes.
  • Maintain and control body weight, since people who are overweight are more likely to developing this infection.
  • Eat a healthy diet everyday. Follow a balanced diet chart which includes a right mix of fruits and vegetables, since they provide the required vitamins and minerals to the body to boost the immune system.



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