5 Popular Medications You Won’t Believe Mess with Your Brain


As we get older, we have more responsibilities. In a competitive world, almost every one of us deals with stress is it financial, personal, or emotional. Stress is always a difficult thing to recover from, and over-stressing is actually dangerous. In fact a lot of people do suffer from conditions which affect their health due to mental stresses. It is known that pressures of life translate into stress for us. Here are five popular medications you won’t believe mess with your brain.

  1. The Flu Medication That Can Cause Psychosis

The Tami flu is indeed a widely popular option for the treatment of the flu, which is frequently prescribed by doctors for children. This particular medication works when the child is suffering from the first signs of the flu; however it has been linked to multiple psychological issues including suicide and delusions.

  1. The Cholesterol Medication That Can Give You Amnesia

The Cholesterol medication has been widely used in a variety of situations. It is however causing adverse side effects on the brain. It aims to deter heart disease but it has also been known to cause amnesia.

  1. The Anti-Malaria Medication that can cause psychological complications

Lariam is an antimalarial drug that has been widely used since the year of 2009. It is known to cause tremendous side effects in those who use it. Lariam is now being used worldwide, but with a stiff dosage requirement.

     4  .The Acne Medication That Can Make Your Brain Think It Has a Tumor

Accutane is indeed a great medication. Well, you might know that Accutane is widely used for treating acne. However, its chemical imbalance can have huge side effects if not controlled properly.

      5. The Parkinson’s Medication that causes Sex and gambling addiction

Mirapex is a widely used drug to treat headaches in a flash. But there are quite a number of side effects that have been raised concerns about the efficacy of the drug.  The prescription has been seen to triple the likelihood of impulse control problems in those who use it.


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