What is Giant Cell Pneumonia?

Giant Cell Pneumonia

You’ve probably heard about pneumonia and how common its occurence is in todays world.  Maybe you have heard of giant cell pneumonia and how it differs from traditional pneumonia. If not, let us explain what pneumonia is, the causes, types, symptoms and treatment.

Pneumonia is a common respiratory infection, in most cases caused by an infection with certain bacteria, but viruses and fungi can also cause the disease to emerge.  The usual symptoms are coughing, fever and trouble breathing. But others symptoms could be present as well, depending on the cause of the condition. There are the well-known types of pneumonia; bacterial, viral, fungal, and hospital-acquired pneumonia, but have you ever heard of giant cell pneumonia?

What is Giant Cell Pneumonia and its causes?

Also known as Hecht’s Pneumonia, which is a deadly respiratory infection that manifests as a rare complication of the measles. Giant cell pneumonia is most commonly found in children who are suffering from immunodeficiency, which is a weakened immune system that can no longer protect the body from otherwise easily treatable infections. When the immune system is weakened, simple bacteria, viruses and fungi can affect the human body.  Immunodeficiency usually occurs in patients who are suffering from AIDS and leukemia.

What are the symptoms?

When giant cell pneumonia is present, along with the characteristic symptoms – cough, fever, and trouble breathing, there are other symptoms which help doctors identify the illness.  These symptoms include dyspnea, unexplained weight loss, chest pain, rales in the lungs and clubbing of the fingers.  If you or your child is suffering from AIDS, leukemia or any other condition that causes immunodeficiency, it is essential to be informed about this condition and its symptoms. Acknowledging characteristic symptoms will give you a chance to inform a doctor of their presence. Early diagnosis will help a tremendous amount. A doctor can then recommend treatment that will be in you or your child’s best interest.

Is it treatable?

Although pneumonia tends to be an easily treatable condition, which depending on the cause does not usually requires treatment with medications, this is not the case with giant cell pneumonia.  This is a deadly condition in which there is no known cure. Choosing from a variety of home remedies will not help in this case. A doctor may recommend some of these remedies to be included in order to help relieve symptoms, but the primary treatment option involves a prescription.  A doctor can also advise you on how to proceed moving forward, handling the condition and taking the right steps to recovery.

Although pneumonia is a highly treatable condition, the same cannot be said about its relative, giant cell pneumonia.  A type of pneumonia which usually occurs in children, it has also been known to affect adults who are suffering from immunodeficiency.  This continues to be one of the most deadly conditions without a cure.


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